Ground-Zero is a creative contemporary brand established by the designer Duo brothers Eri, and Philip Chu, In 2008, with a current focus on fashion.

The brothers believe a good design house should be built on a solid foundation. And their foundation began with naming the brand “Ground-Zero”, The first step to their creative universe. Ground-Zero is a literal translation of the Duo’S thoughts “Everything Has To Start From Zero”. Where possibilities of paths are unlimited and anything is possible, All one needs to do is to take a leap. “Zero Could Be Everything.

Ground-Zero’S design inspirations come from everywhere. The design concepts are always conflicting and contrasting. When the Duo combines these elements together, they create a quirky yet beautiful concoction. In addition to their faith, Eri And Philip always stay “Grounded” and constantly remind themselves that they started from “Zero”. This evolves into the root of the brand’s success. Over the years, the Duo is able to express their visions of Ground-Zero and have been blessed with great support and reviews for the brand’s own collections and collaborations with numerous artists.


Eri studied graphic design in Hongkong and pursued his interests and knowledge in fashion by working as an assistant in a tailor shop. He began to apply his graphic ideas onto garments in his own time and naturally further developed his skills to become a fashion-focused graphic designer.

Philip studied fashion design in London. During that time, The course inspired him to have a unique approach to learn the essence from this creative curriculum, As he also believes every business has its own path to success. He started experimenting with basic tees to implement his design ideas when he was still in the university in 2003 and gradually continued on exploring more and more sophisticated possibilities.

Together, the brothers created limited edition art and garment pieces for the market, and immediately their talents and synergy became unstoppable. From scratch to finished products, The brothers were all hands-on to truly live the philosophy of Ground-Zero.  The brand was first stocked at the Uk’s “Pineal Eye” as their initial step into the industry and soon followed by a few more local boutiques. Shortly after, the stockist list grew to 40 shops globally.

Ground-Zero officially launched its first seasonal collection “As You Like It” in 2008. It was then when the brothers received a great response from the press and public, They knew this was what they were meant to do. The brothers were credited with lots of press and public support; They knew right away that they found their direction. Their talents continued to grow with each season. With 13 collections currently in their fashion archive, Their main focus is womenswear and menswear.

Ground-Zero has collaborated with many great artists over the years, such as Juun J (2 Seasons), Hongkong celebrities Wyman Wong, Miriam Yeung And Twins, Companies Sanrio, and A, D-Mop, and Bypac Cashmere, and many more.

Due to the fast-growing success, Ground-Zero is well-respected in Hongkong for being the first local brand that owns a robust fashion design identity.  They have also changed the perspectives In, Especially, the Asian design industry, Where creativity was often viewed as a sideline.

Ground-Zero has developed its signature style of bold and unique graphic prints intersect with irregular cut silhouettes. The brothers keep directing and pushing boundaries to take Ground-Zero to where it should truly Lie, By merging humor, recognition, and creativity, To bring fashion design into a new horizon.